10 Rugs for Small Areas You Simply Cannot Live without

10 Rugs for Small Areas You Simply Cannot Live without

Not only does a rug add style and elegance to any room in your house, but they are also super comfortable underfoot. With so many styles to choose from, here are our top ten small area rug picks just for you.

1.Delphina Delft Blue Rug

Classically elegant without even trying, Delfina was inspired by the ancient Greek city of Delphi. A simply stunning addition to any room, Delfina’s gorgeous floral and vine pattern is a sure crowd-pleaser. If you are a lover of the classics, Delfina is for you.

2. Mariposa Turquoise Rug

Looking for something a little different? Mariposa’s stunning geometric shapes and bold colours will add a fabulous pop of colour to any room in your home. Choose Mariposa if you love a touch of history.

3. Watercolour Floral Coral Rug

Calling all flower lovers. Watercolour’s bold flower design is both modern and vibrant. More than just a rug, Watercolour Floral is a piece of art for your floor. If you love art, you’ll love Watercolour Floral.

4. The Rebellion Rug

Who doesn’t love Star Wars? For your very own piece of the Star Wars universe, you simply cannot go past the Rebellion Rug. For those of you in touch with your inner Jedi. May this rug be with you.

5. Patchwork Boho Rug

Rule Breaker? Unconventional? Artistic? Patchwork Boho is for you. This stunning rug combines vibrant colours in a beautifully arranged patchwork designed to come together in a blend of chaos chic. For those free spirit city dwellers.

6. Sima Royal Blue Rug

For the traveler in you. Sima combines a gorgeous floral design with a deep border and was inspired by ancient Persia. This one is for those who long for exotic destinations.

7. Polar White Plush Rug

Introducing Polar White Plush. For the sensualist in you, Polar White adds a touch of class and warmth to any room. Perfect for in front of the fireplace, this is one for the romantics.

8. Echeveria Navy Rug

Simply otherworldly. You’ll want to spend all day staring at your gorgeous Echeveria Rug, with its mysterious suggestion of interesting things to come. For those of you who want to be off with the fairies.

9. Outdoor Tropical Green Rug

Rugs don’t have to stay indoors! Bring the inside out with this gorgeous fully washable outdoor rug. For those of you who love to grill with a touch of elegance.

10. Mickey Damask Charcoal Rug

Treat your inner child with this effortlessly elegant Damask rug with a subtle Mickey Mouse motif. For those of you who never quite want to grow up, Mickey Damask showcases your playful side in style.