7 Top Perfumes for Any of Your Moods!

7 Top Perfumes for Any of Your Moods!

Fragrance has the uncanny ability to captivate those around you the moment you enter the room. Influence them in the best way possible by choosing a perfume that exudes your spirit and your current mood.

The power to sway a crowd merely by allowing your scent to waft their way is one every woman must have. The more ways you have to express your moods, the better it will be. Here are our 7 top perfumes that are sure to add the finishing touch for any occasion!

Called a ‘floriental’ by Valentino, it’s a signature fragrance that embodies modern haute-couture. With a woody yet fruity style, it evokes a luxurious femininity from jasmine with vanilla bourbon to create a rare blend.

Express your radiance with Aerin, a stunning sunlight fragrance by Estee Lauder. Reminiscent of Sicily, the citrus floral melding of bergamot and muguet de mai along with lemon primofiore creates a stunning appeal, one that exudes confidence by creating an uplifting mood.

Feeling a bit sweet? Conjure up images of early morning in London’s Covent Garden. With the juiciness of nectarines, peaches, and cassis along with delicate spring flowers, this fruity fragrance makes you want to bite right into it. Wear it for a lusciously delightful scent.

If the fantastically-stylish sparkling black bottle doesn’t draw you in, then the ultra-feminine fragrance will. Lustful and electrifying, you’ll feel ever the temptress in this addictive perfume, a unique twinge of glam-rock with a softer floral edge cut through by adrenalizing black coffee for a seductive allure.

For those who feel pretty in pink, this purely feminine fragrance set off by a burst of Turkish rose, peony, and lily of the valley brings out your girly side. Bright and tangy with a finish of vanilla to add warmth, wear it with your most delicate styles.


Meaning “life is beautiful” in French, you’ll live your most beautiful life with this fragrance that brings about a free-spirited happiness that goes beyond the bottle. Embrace joyfulness and femininity with the elegance of iris entwined with patchouli’s strength, rounded out with a sophisticated sweetness from praline to encompass all the best of life in one.

Not only will the gorgeous crystal-topped bottle add a stunning touch to your dressing table, but you’ll also leave a luminously sensual scent in your wake. Refreshing with hints of yuzu and pomegranate, it soothes with peony, lotus flower, and magnolia. Warmed with hints of amber and musk, Versace creates yet another sheer delight.


From fun a happy to sublimely seductive and everything in between, these 7 perfumes will bring out your innermost spirit!