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Necklaces Which Make Her Swoon Without A Hole In Your Pocket

Necklaces Which Make Her Swoon Without A Hole In Your Pocket

All these Kendra Scott necklaces are under 50 dollars gifts, but they’re so pretty and chic that love will float in the air :

1.Davie Gold Pendant Necklace With Ivory Mother Of Pearl

It’s a layerable accessory that’s modern and classic yet perfect for everyday use. Its Ivory Mother Of Pearl shines with its own bold faceted stone that is the trademark of Kendra Scott designs.

2.Sophee Small Pendant Necklace With Heart In Silver

There is a distinct outline of one of the world’s most recognizable symbols. This silver pendant necklace is sure to be your craziness when it comes to everyday wear, whether you’re feeling nostalgic or you just simply love the look.

3.Ari Heart Gold Pendant Necklace With Turquoise Magnesite

An asymmetrical design, but also feminine and classic, this Turquoise Magnesite filled pendant necklace is our new focus. Make it layerable or let it go solo on its own. Either way, people will be whispering, “Where did she get that” every time you go out in town and lovingly put on this pendant necklace.

4.Gold Davie Pendant Necklace in Dark Teal Amazonite

This pendant necklace in gold and Dark Teal Amazonite shines with its bold faceted stone. It can stand on its own or be mixed in as a layerable. It represents Kendra Scott’s elegance.

5. Perry Gold Pendant Necklace

It’s a daily wear pendant that’s perfect for you. It has a custom triangular shape with just the right quantity of elegance. Its metal is 14k gold plated over brass. Its chain has a length of 15 inches with a 2-inch extender.

6.Elisa Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace

It has a dainty look with its stone and it also has a delicate metallic chain that combines with it. It’s your perfect everyday wear accessory that can be paired with any style, providing that extra touch of timelessness.

7.Sophee Gold Heart Small Pendant Necklace

It has a nice outline of the most recognizable symbol in the world, the heart. This gold heart pendant necklace is sure to become your new favorite thing in your accessories box. It gets picked up almost every day to suit you’re dressing up needs.

8.Davie Pendant Necklace in Gold and Dichroic Glass

Dichroic Glass is well-loved for its kaleidoscopic effect. It is a custom stone created by inserting iridescent foil between 2 pieces of glass. This pendant necklace shines with its bold faceted stone that signifies Kendra Scott’s chic.

9.Sophee Small Heart Pendant Necklace In Mixed Metal

Here again is the outline of the heart, which makes her heart also flutter. This necklace in mixed metal is going to make you fall in love again, whether you’re sentimental or feeling cared for.