Beauty Advantages Of Cosmetic Cucumber Seed Oil

Cucumber seed oil is cold-pressed oil got from dried and cleaned cucumber seeds. Once the oil get filtrated it outcomes in a bright yellow colour with a minor aroma of fresh cucumbers. The oil have about 14 to 20 percent of oleic acid and 60 to 69 percent of Omega-3 linoleic acid. It gives many amazing beauty advantages from skin moisturiser to a high-protein hair treatment.

Cucumber natural seed carrier oil is extremely light with an oily acid composition that supports to keep the skin fresh, soft and moisturized. This oil spreads easily and is absorbed relatively fast by the skin. The oil is absorbed fast by the skin and it spreads well without leaving a humid skin feeling.

Advantages Of Cosmetic Cucumber Seed Oil

Refreshes skin

Fast absorbing cucumber seed oil has a light steadiness. It leaves your skin silky, smooth and new.

Best for dry brittle nails

Cucumber seed oil is extremely best for restoring moisture in dry brittle nails as it is simply absorbable, rich and hydrating in nourishing nutrients. Just rub a drop or 2 onto your nails and cuticles to keep them shiny and moisturized

Calms sun damaged skin

This oil has anti-inflammatory effect supporting to soothe sunburns. Also, it offers a chilling effect when applied to the sun-damaged skin.

Soothes eczema, and inflammation

The oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, best antiseptic and amazing emollient for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Amazing eye moisturizer

The anti-ageing features and fast absorption of the oil make it an amazing eye moisturizer. Gently dab single drop of the oil under each eye to decrease dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. Also, you can use it to your eyebrows to help decrease upper eyelid puffiness. Do not use it to your eyelids.

Lightens age spots

Thanks to a top content of Vitamin C that has skin brightening effect this oil supports to lighten age spots. Using the oil daily you will view the age spots fading away.

Treat acne

Cucumber seed oil is one of the top skin care oil for acne. It is top in antioxidants stopping acne, decreasing acne redness and inflammation.

Hair growth booster

This oil is rich in silica stimulating fresh hair growth and stopping hair loss by rising existing hair strands.

Better hair elasticity

This oil supports to build the elasticity of curly hair. It stops hair breakage generally caused by warm tools, chorine water or sun damage.

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