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How to Solve Postpartum Hair Loss Problems

During your pregnancy, you probably flaunted your shiny, lustrous hair. But those same hormones that gave you gorgeous, flowing locks of hair can cause it to fall out just a few months postpartum. While it’s certainly upsetting, postpartum hair loss is very normal and happens to most women after they have a baby.   That doesn’t mean you have to suffer though. Here are 6 tips for solving your postpartum hair loss problems.  
  1. Provide stimulation to your scalp
When your scalp is healthy, so is your hair. Your hair follicles can get clogged up, slowing or even temporarily halting new hair growth after it falls out. If you massage your scalp daily with the tips of your fingers (don’t use your nails!), you’ll boost circulation to the area which will stimulate your scalp and help promote healthy hair growth.  
  1. Eat right
Healthy hair comes from within. To solve your postpartum hair loss problems, make sure you’re eating plenty of protein- and iron-rich foods. Things like eggs, lean meats, fatty fish, lentils, chicken, nuts, spinach, almonds, beets, walnuts and chickpeas can give your body that extra nourishment it needs to help boost your hair.  
  1. Try a new style
Pulling your hair back might be your solution to keeping baby from tugging more of it out, but it adds more strain to your already-stressed tresses. The most noticeable hair fallout comes around your face so play it up by wearing your hair down and experimenting with different parts to disguise the wispiness.  
  1. Use volumizing products
After having a baby, it’s wise to trade up your old hair care products for volumizing ones that will help add lift to your look. Always choose formulations that are free of sulfates and damaging chemicals so you don’t make your postpartum hair loss worse!  
  1. Get a gentler brush
In the postpartum period, your hair becomes more brittle. This makes it more susceptible to snapping when you’re brushing your hair. Keep that from happening by limiting your brushing. Over-brushing your hair only works for Disney princesses! Additionally, trade your brush for one that won’t snag and snap your hair. Ask your stylist for recommendations!  
  1. Get a new ‘do
Speaking of your stylist, you should pay them a visit. After all, they’re in the business of hair and can help you out with a new cut and style that will make you feel more confident about yourself. Stylists know how to be gentle and can help your postpartum hair loss recovery kick into gear. Besides, you’ll feel better when you pamper yourself. You deserve it!   Try out these 6 tricks to handling postpartum hair loss and you’ll be nursing your hair back to beautiful health!